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PHASE Training

A group fitness class aimed at training your power, hypertrophy, agility, strength, and endurance.

$12 drop-in fee, every 6th class free

Silver Streaks Fall Prevention Class

Silver streaks is an exercise class designed for elderly individuals with a history of falls, or are at risk of having a fall. It is based on the OTAGO fall prevention program which has been shown to reduce falls by 35 percent among high risk individuals. It was most effective for adults 80 years of age or older, who have fallen within the last year, and who have moderate to severe decreased strength and balance due to multiple risk factors including arthritis, de-conditioning, and inactivity.

Not only can it help prevent falls. Silver streaks can help to improve an individual’s independence and quality of life. Our fall prevention class does this by improving strength and balance – two of the most readily modifiable risk factors for falls. 

$10 drop-in fee, every Tuesdays at 11:00 AM



The eYoga is a free program for kids with disabilities to engage, understand and learn about the beauty of YOGA and ways they can cope with stress and anxieties. Not only do children participate but at least one parent is required to take part in the program and extend this practice with their families at home.

The eYoga program also promotes socialization, family interaction, and learning. Children are given opportunities to learn about living a healthy lifestyle and making healthy choices such as choosing the right snacks. The session is held once a week (Saturday or a Sunday) for one hour and it has emerged into a family oriented atmosphere. Children are given modeling techniques to support greetings and farewell and appropriate behavior etiquette. If you would like to contact the eYoga Program you can email eyogakids@gmail.com or check us out on facebook at Eyoga Guam.

Program coordinators:

    • Rowena Dimla (speech language pathologist)
    • Leif Losing (certified Yoga Instructor)
    • Shaunie Riate (Parent and Advocate of children w/ Autism)

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