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Therapy Programs/Services

Post-Surgical Rehab

Prior to and after surgery, joint motion and muscle strength are quickly lost. Correct and consistent rehabilitation is required to restore normal joint movement. Depending on the injury and type of surgery, this can be a simple rehabilitative process or a complicated recovery. We can help you achieve an excellent outcome for your recovery regardless of the extent of your injury. We are with you every step of the way.

Our post-surgical rehab program is ideal for:

    • Knee, hip, and shoulder joint replacements
    • ACL, MCL, PCL and LCL tears of the knee
    • Meniscus and arthroscopy surgery recovery
    • Shoulder post-surgical recovery for rotator cuff tears
    • Arthroscopy and more
    • General rehabilitation after surgery
Post-Surgical Rehab | NEWGEN GUAM | Physical Therapy | Wellness | Sports Performance

Orthopedic Rehab

NEWGEN therapists partner with you to evaluate, assess, and treat a variety of orthopedic conditions. From muscle strains to joint sprains, we’re your partner towards recovery. Throughout your care, your referring physician will always be informed of your post-surgery progress, ensuring connectedness of care for you.

Orthopedic-related Disorders:

    • TMJ problems
    • Neck and back pain
    • Shoulder sprains and strains
    • Wrist sprains and strains
    • Arm pain
    • Hip pain
    • Leg pain
    • Knee sprains and strains
    • Ankle sprains and strains

Neurological Rehab

We are well-experienced in working with individuals who have suffered from a wide variety of neurological injuries, including Cerebralvascular Accident, or stroke. We understand these types of injuries can be life-altering and we will work with your primary care physicians, neurologists, and neurosurgeons to ensure the best outcome for you and your family. We are a team that truly believes in you. Let NEWGEN work with you in achieving all your goals.

Common Neurological Disorders:

    • Stroke
    • Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Concussion
    • Vestibular dysfunction
    • Vertigo
    • Myelopathies
    • Cerebral Palsy
    • Parkinsons
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Guillone Barrier Syndrome
Neurological Rehab | NEWGEN GUAM | Physical Therapy | Wellness | Sports Performance

Pediatric Rehab

Not only do we work with adults, but we also work with children from 0-21 years of age. Here at NEWGEN, we work with all kinds of pediatric neurological and orthopedic conditions. We help your child develop and refine his/her gross motor skills from rolling to walking. Our treatment strategy is implementing play with therapy to keep your child engaged in the activity. Ask your pediatrician today for a referral for pediatric physical therapy at NEWGEN if you have concerns of developmental delay. There is no such thing as “too soon to start physical therapy.” The sooner, the better!

Pediatric Conditions we have worked with:

Cerebral Palsy

Developmental Delay


Chiari Malformations

Spina Bifida

Down’s Syndrome

Brachial plexus injuries

Osteogenesis Malformation (“Brittle bones syndrome”)

Achondroplasia (“Dwarfism”)

Dandy Walker Syndrome

Cri du Chat

Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis



Sports Therapy

Don’t let a sports injury derail you from reaching your goals. Due to the fast pace of these types of injuries, the trauma to muscles, tissues, and joints can be severe so holding off in seeking appropriate care can be debilitating. Common injuries include damage to ligaments, tendons, muscles and ultimately, fractures. We will help you with right plan to help reduce your pain, restore function, and get you back on track.

Worker's Compensation

For Injured Workers:

Being injured at work causes immeasurable pain, stress, and aggravation which affects your ability to work efficiently and provide adequate income for your needs. Our priority is to ensure you have fast and efficient relief from pain, so you may return to work as soon as possible. We emphasize the following criteria when we plan for your recovery post work related injuries:

    • Quick pain resolution
    • Improvement of ROM (Range of Motion)
    • Improve flexibility, stamina, and strength restoration.
    • Ensuring a complete recovery post necessary surgical procedures.

We will educate you how management post injury to prevent future occurrences.
If needed, you can speak with you case manager, HR, or employer today to discover how we can help you recover quickly and efficiently from your injury and get back to work safely!

For Case Managers and Employers:

We offer a large variety of comprehensive programs for injured workers to aid the recovery process quickly and safely. Once a worker has been injured, our goals are to improve and restore his/her functional goals for a safe and efficient job performance in a timely manner. We provide effective case management, detailed and timely reports, and supportive communication between health care providers, workers, and case managers for the workers’ compensation case.

We will assess the worker’s initial functional abilities and collate information in respect to his/her job requirements. Treatment is not just evaluation, but restorative. Therapy will make combined use of manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises, body mechanics training, modalities and patient education with a solid plan for home care.

Preventative Care Benefits to Employers:

    • Decreased turnover
    • Increased worker productive capacity
    • Safe working environment
    • Reduced employee time off
    • Decreased incidences of fraud and abuse
Worker's Compensation | NewGen Physical Therapy Guam