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Justin Manuel
Justin Manuel | NEWGEN GUAM | Physical Therapy | Wellness | Sports Performance

Justin Manuel

Justin Manuel always had the passion of working with people and creating strong relationships. Although he earned a bachelor’s degree in pre-physical therapy and initially pursued it as a career in light of working with others, his fire for content creation and the freedom to capture the world behind the camera gave him another meaning to working with people and creating stronger relationships. Throughout his college life to this day, he spent his own time acquiring certifications on mastering Adobe softwares, photography, videography, and social media marketing. As he works his career up as a Multimedia Artist for NEWGEN, he continues to expand his skills outside of work by consistently learning new material from various educational outlets and gaining more insightful experiences working with new clients. His main goal for NEWGEN is to form and lead a multimedia and marketing team, create an outstanding followers base in multiple social media platforms, and have the clinic be known throughout the globe for its accomplishments from the ground up. His personal goal is to create a successful YouTube channel and have the privilege to travel around exotic places creating content.

Justin enjoys his time with his family and friends. On occasion, he spends his time working on his personal animation projects, practicing kickboxing, snorkeling, taking photographs of Guam’s scenery, and playing with his Jack Russel, Axel.