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Erjel Sanchez
Erjel Sanchez | NEWGEN GUAM | Physical Therapy | Wellness | Sports Performance

Erjel Sanchez

Erjel Sanchez is a Physical Therapy Aide who is currently enrolled at the University of Guam endeavoring to work his way into majoring in Pre-Physical Therapy and a minor in Psychology. He’s a young individual who has always doted and kept himself around sports and an active lifestyle growing up. When he was a kid, his father had to go through rehab post stroke and Erjel would avail to his dad with his daily activities and exercises, which he later then realized that he found his calling.

Erjel has always been a determined and strenuously exertive person. He previously had experience from almost everywhere and has visually perceived the ins and outs, from retail, food & beverage, accounting, and even coaching gigs additionally. He will be bringing utilization of all his skills and knowledge to NEWGEN. But in the end, he will always have the kind sense of heart for availing others and seeing them prosper by themselves or as a team, and that alone, is a prodigiously achievement to him. In which he will also utilize his good sense of teamwork to work along with the Doctors and Patients in the Clinic to have a more steady comfortable environment.

Erjel is a very outgoing and approachable individual who relishes being around family and friends. His interests are going to the gym and is into sports like, soccer, basketball, football, track & field, and running. Food and music will always be his #1 best friend. His long-term goal is to enroll off-island to accomplish his BS Physical Therapy.