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Dr. Leonard Campos
Dr. Leonard Campos | NEWGEN GUAM | Physical Therapy | Wellness | Sports Performance

Leonard Campos, DPT

Dr. Leonard Campos is a licensed Physical Therapist on Guam as well as California. He is a local to the island who left to pursue advanced education that consisted of undergraduate degree in Psychology as well as a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, both completed at Samuel Merritt University. His passion for connecting with his peers, friends, and colleges combined with his love for science and exercise and fitness has helped him in his pursuit of excellence in the field of Physical Therapy.

Dr. Campos has chosen to study and work with master clinicians in centers of excellence with the ultimate goal of returning to Guam to provide premiere care and service. Upon returning to Guam he chose to work at Guam Memorial Hospital to gain a better perspective of the island and its needs regarding physical therapy and wellness. There, he worked with the rehabilitation team to improve patient care and assist in mentoring our University of Guam students to improve their chances of getting accepted to graduate schools and hopefully return back to our island to provide excellent care.

Dr. Campos’ practice consists of various manual techniques, pain relieving modalities, and exercises. The combination of these aspects of treatment are uniquely combined and tailored to each individual client to optimize outcomes and help each client achieve their unique goals. Client education is a large aspect of his practice as the better understanding a client has about the process that are causing their complaints the better, they will be able to recover and achieve their goals.

Dr. Campos is experienced in treating a wide array of issues ranging from arthritic pain, muscle or joint injury, post-surgical cases such as ACL repair and joint replacements to neurological impairments which may be seen post stroke, traumatic brain injury, and Parkinson’s disease. He has advanced training in treating clients with dizziness, balance impairments, and vertigo. Other areas of interest and expertise include return to play post injury or surgery, performance improvement, ergonomic assessments, wellness, and general fitness.

Overall, Dr. Campos works one on one with his clients to identify causes and contributing factors, which are leading to his clients’ complaints, and develops individual plans in collaboration with his clients to ensure all their goals are met. Regardless of the issue he feels confident that through careful interview, examination, and collaboration a treatment plan can be created to improve his clients’ performance, achieve their goals, and ultimately improve their quality of life.